Velveteen Laboratory


Taylor Locke



Producer / Guitarist

Taylor Locke is a producer, engineer, guitarist, singer, songwriter and performer. He owns and operates the Velveteen Laboratory studio, in Los Feliz Village, Los Angeles.

 In 2017 Taylor produced Cullen Omori, Bloodboy, Geographer, The Midnight Club, and Human Resources. He has also worked with folk rock legend Linda Thompson, Canadian supergroups The New Pornographers and Sloan, Pearl Charles, Wardell, and Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan. 

 The Velveteen Laboratory is filled with his vintage guitars, a wall of amplifiers, and heaps of collectible effects. Session ace, Roger Joseph Manning Jr’s (Beck, Air, Jellyfish, Moog Cookbook) museum quality synthesizer and piano collection reside in the Velveteen Laboratory.

As a performing guitarist Taylor recently toured Europe, Japan and the US with glam-rock legends, Sparks. He played 40 theater and festival dates with them, doing a show that spanned their 27-album repertoire. 

As a studio guitarist he has played sessions for Emmit Rhodes, Roger Joseph Manning Jr, Bleu, and several long-distance sessions with overseas artists to name a few.

Taylor has recently begun work as the songwriter and producer for several episodic series on YouTubeRed.

As a recording artist, he made 3 records under the moniker Taylor Locke & The Roughs, and a solo album for Lojinx Records. The latest album, Time Stands Still, featured several song co-written with Kim Fowley (The Runaways), shortly before his passing. The LP garnered critical acclaim in the UK and Europe.

In April Taylor launches a musical at LA’s Largo, “Don’t Stop, The Story of Fleetwood Mac”. He is the show’s principle writer, and portrays Lindsey Buckingham.

In 1999 Taylor co-founded the band Rooney, and served  in which he was as lead guitarist. The band made records on Geffen and Warner Brothers over the course of 12 years.

Kyle Frederickson

Engineer / Multi-Instrumentalist

Since 2012, Taylor has partnered with Engineer/Multi-Instrumentalist/Co-Producer Kyle Fredrickson. Kyle has tremendous musical command of just about anything with strings or keys on it, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, "Acoustics and Music" major from University of Hartford. 

As lead guitarist for The Everyday Visuals, he won the Boston Music Awards Best Album 2009. He has placed songs in Cougar Town, Kyle XY, Brothers and Sisters, Army Wives, and an ad for Ballentine Scotch. He also performs with actress/singer-songwriter Alicia Witt, indie rock band The Soft Swells, and alongside Taylor in The Great Indoors.

His technical training combined with musical experience make him a heavyweight asset to any recording session. 

Instruments played:
Guitar (classical, finger-style, western swing, slide), Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Banjo, Mandolin, Tenor Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards.